The images say it all my friends, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this one! I was actually planning on doing a big one at the end of my Year of Books but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it so here I am now to celebrate everything at once!!

YES-this-is-a-giveaway is full of books I love, I read many of them last year but also a few of my other favs I’d love to share with you, because blogging here has been amazing, you’re a bunch of crazy pretty awesome bookish people and I love you guys.

What is the occasion, you wonder? Like I said, to complete my 2013  Year of Books, but also the upcoming didyousaybooks’ 3rd bloganniversary, and my actual birthday just a few days after that. OH AND THE FACT I REACHED (CRAZY!) 3K FOLLOWERS! (ahah yes I kept it from you)

How can you join the giveaway, will you ask me? EasyPeasy!

  • this is for my followers only, I’ll check if you follow (didyousaybooks)
  • there will be 3 WINNERS, they will win ONE BOOK EACH
  • books to chose from the ones above (because they are my favs and I want to shove them down your throats)
  • be ready to give me your address, I’ll ship worldwide via thebookdepository
  • so keep your askbox open. If you don’t answer me. Sorry you lose. 
  • winners will be chose via a random number generator
  • to enter, reblog mandatory. Likes will count only if you reblogged it first.
  • I’ll pick the winners JULY 28TH GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

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We Will Be Censoring All Of Tumblr Tonight At 11:59:59 EST. If You Dont Reblog This Before Then, All The Content On Your Blog Will Be Lost.

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Chloë Grace Moretz in The Texas Killing Fields.


Chloë Grace Moretz in The Texas Killing Fields.

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Snow White and the Huntsman - Trailer

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Behind The Scenes of Selena’s new music video for Hit The Lights (x)

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Damn . I’ve been alive for 1/1/1 , 2/2/2 , 3/3/3 , 4/4/4 , 5/5/5 , 6/6/6 , 7/7/7 , 8/8/8 , 9/9/9 , 10/10/10 , and NOW 11/11/11 !!



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And if youre born in the 90’s we’ve survived 9/9/99 and 11/10/98

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